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Bethel Kids Volunteer Opportunities

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Bethel Kids Volunteer Team

We want YOU to join the Bethel Kids Family!

Bethel Kids have been encountering Jesus in powerful ways and we are seeing amazing things happening in the lives of our youngest church family members! This is a fun, important and growing ministry and a great opportunity to pour into the next generation of revivalists. We need your help! If you have a heart for kids, then there’s a place for you on the Bethel Kids Team!

Bethel Kids Testimonies

~After experiencing Jesus’ goodness in her life, a 4 year old girl went home from church and shared with her mom that “Jesus is good for you, pray with me mom.” She grabbed her mom’s hand and said, “Jesus we love you forever, amen.” Her mom was so impacted that, after that prayer with her daughter, she decided it’s time to draw closer to Jesus!

~An 8 year old girl was struggling with her self-image and not wanting to go back to school. Then in class on Sunday, she heard Jesus speak to her, “I made you, you are beautiful & you’re going to change the world.” After that, she told her parents with confidence that she was ready to go spread her light at school!

~One Sunday morning, a 4 year old boy heard Jesus ask him to be “nice & loving” and “I will help you.” His mom reported back that each day throughout the week, he would say to his family, “I’m going to be nice & loving and God is going to help me.” Mom says the way he has been interacting with his siblings has been as different as night from day!

~During prayer time, a 6 year old little girl saw a vision of Jesus holding her hand and she shared with her teacher, “My hand was hurting all this week, but after I saw the vision of Jesus holding my hand, it doesn’t hurt any more.” She started laughing while sharing this and God’s joy spread across the classroom!

What does Bethel Kids Team involvement look like?

Question: Can just anyone be a teacher?
We are looking for passionate lovers of Jesus who want to help equip and empower this next generation of  world- changers. For the safety of the children, we do a background check on every teacher before they can teach. No matter your age, gender, or experience, Jesus has given you strengths. If you want to use those strengths to invest in our Bethel Kids, please fill out the application below to start the process.

Question: What’s the time commitment?
 One or two Sundays per month at one of our Bethel services, depending on your preference.

Question: If I become a teacher, what can I expect?

~There are always at least 2 teachers in the class and the schedule is sent out a month before.
~Each week, the teacher and the kids invite the Holy Spirit to lead the morning with what’s on his heart.
~The Bible lesson is prepared by the kid’s director and the teacher will receive a copy of this lesson via email the week before teaching in order to prepare.
~It’s the teacher’s job to create an opportunity for each child to experience the love and power of Jesus each week. We do this in many ways!
~More details will be covered in a training before the teacher begins.

Question: How do I join the team?
 Fill out the application form below.


Bethel Kids Volunteers
We Want YOU!

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