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The Call: Cleveland

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The Call: Cleveland

Azusa Now (The Call) is coming to Cleveland this July! Join us as we cry out to God for our region and to see revival come both here and across our nation!

Cleveland is rising. Ever since the famous “Cleveland Curse” finally broke when the Cavaliers took the national championship, a spirit of revival has gripped the city. With hope surging, the natural continues to speak of the spiritual. We (at The Call) were given a dream of a last minute shot being taken at a basketball game at the Quicken Loans Arena. The shot was a miracle shot across the full length of the court. It swished and Cleveland won the game. In the dream, it was called “The Shot Heard Round the World.” This is Cleveland’s hour.

The heart and soul of the city comes from its founder, Moses Cleaveland. “To cleave” simultaneously means two opposite things: to split apart, and to covenantally join together. On July 22-23, Azusa Now Cleveland will bring fasting, prayer, worship, unity, miracles and the proclamation of the gospel to the great battleground state of Ohio, to the very city of Moses Cleave-Land, believing for a great exodus from the church’s national captivity to small faith and small thinking. From Cleveland we will dare to decree the wild hope of God visiting America in power once more. Salvations. Miracles. A united church. We are looking to set ourselves apart as a people of faith, cut away unbelief, and covenantally dream with God again. In Ohio, we will cast the decisive vote for revival, and Cleveland will become a wakening rod stretched forth to divide the sea and lead our nation into the promises of God. Across the state, across the surrounding region, we challenge the Ohio Valley to seize this moment in fasting and prayer.

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July 22 & 23, 2017
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland

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