Freedom Training

  July 8 – July 9
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Brunswick Campus

About this event

Friday, July 8 / 7pm – 10pm

Saturday, July 9 / 9pm – 12pm and 1-4

Training Overview
Jesus came that we might have life to the fullest (John 10:10), but so many Christians are bound by the thief that only comes to steal, kill and destroy. How can you safely give or receive help to find the freedom Christ died for us to have?

Join us for in-depth and comprehensive training with Kim Snyder on how to spot, stop and break free from the tactics of the enemy. This training will also show you how to gently guide someone through the freedom process safely and effectively. Led by the Holy Spirit you will learn the how-tos of freedom ministry.

Who is this training for?
We highly recommend this training for every Christian even if you don’t feel this ministry is for you, or if you never bind up and cast out a spirit. This training can empower you as an intercessor for your church, family, or personal life. It will also clarify for you that the power of Jesus in you is much greater than any power or authority that satan has.

It is also a great opportunity for pastors, leaders, counselors, and inner healing ministers to be better equipped to help God’s people to live in freedom! If you want to understand how the spiritual world operates, or want to learn how team-style ministry is done, then join us for this training!

Due to the sensitivity of the material presented, we recommend 16 years and older to attend.

Taught by Kim Snyder, this training will give you an introduction to freedom ministry and how it is done safely, walking in our full authority under Christ. This training is required for those who would like to be on the team.

If you have any questions concerning this training, please email freedom@bethelcleveland.com or call 440-243-9001 Ext 1.