Several years ago we became aware of a small pink church in Treasure Cay, Bahamas that had been without a roof for 6 years. God led us to take on this project of raising funds and sending a team to provide a roof for them to bless the Haitian families who attend and create a safe place for them to gather and worship the Lord, just like we get to do every Sunday.

So our Bethel Cleveland church family, along with some other friends, raised the funds to complete the roof and sent a team to install it. It has stood through many storms over the past 6 years and has been a place of refuge and worship for the people who call it their church home and many more.

In the wake of the recent hurricane that hit the Bahamas, we have waited and prayed for news of the “pink church” as we call it and the Haitians who love it. Treasure Cay took a direct hit from the storm and the entire area has been decimated.

After days of waiting, we finally heard that the church and roof withheld the 185 MPH winds of the hurricane and provided safety to the people inside! (It was only designed to withstand up to 145 MPH winds.)

The residents are being evacuated until power and water can be restored to this devastated area. Some estimates are 10-12 months from now.

We need your help! Let’s work together to help the poorest of this community rebuild their lives. They will need everything and we want to come alongside them in their time of need. We have offered to send teams when it is possible to do so.

Join us in praying for the Bahamians and Haitians as they recover and be watching for details on how you can partner with us to help in practical ways!