Adults Ministries

Community Beyond Services

We encourage everyone who is part of our Bethel church family to build community, receive ministry, and be equipped beyond just our weekend services. Bethel offers a number of opportunities for adults to get connected with others and grow spiritually.

Growth Groups

Whether you’re new to Bethel or have been attending for years, it’s always possible to connect on a deeper level. Growth Groups help provide an intentional time and space to share life with others from the broader Bethel Community. Focused on discussion topics from Sunday messages and giving us an opportunity to move together toward living out what we believe, Growth Groups are an excellent place to get planted and continue your spiritual growth while building relationships along the way.

What does a typical Growth Group include?

Not every Growth Group is the same, but they will all include some variation of the following elements:

  1. We eat together. It may be a full meal or as simple as sharing a cup of coffee, but there is an element of communing together over food or drink.
  2. We learn together. Each week, topics from Sunday’s message, key Scriptures, or other topics serve as a focus for interactive discussion.
  3. We pray together. We want to invite God to move in power every time we gather. Each Growth Group will include an opportunity for prayer and personal ministry.
  4. We serve together. At least once per season, each group will serve together in an outreach of some sort. Your group gets to decide what it will look like.

When do Growth Groups happen?

Growth Groups typically run during the fall and spring, then we take a break for the summer months.


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