Freedom Ministry


The Freedom Center is all about helping believers live an abundant life in Christ. When a person accepts Christ as their Savior, they are “born again” in the spiritual sense, but oftentimes they are still held back by sins, strongholds, generational curses, traumatic experiences and many other things the enemy uses to keep us from experiencing the wholeness we can have in God.
How Can I Receive Freedom Ministry?

Join us at a Freedom Weekend! In this safe, loving environment you will be able to find the freedom you need to walk in victory. These weekends happen three times a year and cover three sessions: Preparation for Ministry, Corporate Ministry, and Empowerment & Prophetic Blessing.

If you’re interested in attending a Freedom Weekend, email for more information.

Freedom Ministry Training?

Are you interested in learning how to bring freedom to others in a safe, gentle way that focuses on Christ? You should attend our annual Freedom Training!

Email for more information regarding our next training.

How do I join the Freedom Ministry Team?

After attending our Freedom Training, fill out the application below and a member of the Freedom team will be in touch with you!




Call: 440-243-9001 Ext 01

Mailing Address:
Bethel Cleveland
ATTN: Freedom Ministry
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