Wealth Builders Collective


Wealth Builders Collective Dates

February 2nd
March 16th
April 20th
May 18th
June 15th
July – No Session
August – No Session
September 21st
October 19th
November 16th
December – No Session

About this event

This is a public group led and vision-cast by Senior Leader Steve Witt. This group meets on the third Wednesday of every month (excluding February) in the Brunswick Campus Sanctuary.

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What is this group all about?
A path to building philanthropists.

There are a few different sectors of wealth we will be discussing:
– Traditional Investments
– Housing
– Crypto
– Entrepreneurs
– Non-Profits
– Coorporate Leadership

Leaders in these industries will educate attendees in mindsets and strategies for exploring wealth development in these areas.

Topics include:
– Testimonies of vocational and financial breakout and breakthrough
– Sharing stories & highlights of within the congregation
– Alerts the community and inspires financial success
– Book recommendations from Steve Witt
– Financial planning concepts